Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Space Max – Blast off with a smelly gas explosion!

Let's start wit the reviews😊


Space Max – Blast off with a smelly gas explosion!

Space Max by Tiny Games

If you were a monkey stranded on an asteroid way out in deep space, surrounded by a herd of floating Space-Cattle, what would you do to escape… Sound ridiculous? Well, today we’ve got a game about it…!
Space Max is a game based almost exactly on the situation described above. Besides a few large asteroids you’ll want to avoid, a bunch of metal gears you can collect to gain points and a bunch of bananas you will need to collect for “fuel” this game is pretty much what you’d expect... read the full review here 

Space Max – Blast off with a smelly gas explosion!

Want to give Space Max a try? The download link is just below

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Space Max: The Unepic Space Odissey

   by FrandaliMay 16

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 Italy, May 10th, 2017 
Destination: Earth
Flatus Engine: ON.

Get ready for the noisy take-off! Help Max, the little Ape Astronaut to come home with his hi-tech jetpack featuring the famous and eco-friendly prototype energy. Jump through space thanks to this prodigious gas that will make you fly higher and higher!

After a crash landing on Cowa-426, our brave hero Max discovered that the only way to go home is by using the power of his powerful flatus. Help him collect metal scrap to build more powerful suits. But beware! Pay attention to space cows, asteroids, and terrible pitfalls hide by the universe.
Remember: you can only count on yourself. Do not be embarrassed, because in the end... better out, than inside!

  • Space odyssey of unepic proportions with a fart flying monkey
  • Custom spacesuits to build up the ultimate uber ultra mega spacesuit
  • Gorgeous hand drawn graphic. Every, single, pixel
  • Crazy leaderboards to determinate the best farter in the World

Developer: CRYsoft Development based in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
Publisher: Tiny Games based in Rome, Italy
Release date: May 10, 2017
Platforms: iOS - Android
website: www.crysoftdev.com
regular price: FREE

Every reference to the word "fart" concerns the Android version of the game. Because of the restrictions imposed by Apple guidelines, we had to adapt the game to make it conform to the standards required for anti spam policies.


Alessandro Filipponi – Project Manager
Alessandra Merlini – Localization & PR
Aymen Mezni – Lead Programmer
Cristiano Ferracuti – Music Composer
Francesca Velenosi – Art Dictator

Space Max: The Unepic Space Odissey

Sunday, May 07, 2017

So long... And thanks for all the Bananas!

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Here I am again! Though I haven't published anything for so long, little has changed. I'm still the Lead Artist and Art Dictator of the absurd and funny video games created by CRYsoft Development, drawing characters and assets as usual. It's been a long time since I'm not very active lately and many have definitely forgotten me. But starting over is never a bad thing, so here I am! Let's start again!
The last year has been very harsh and tough, but very important, to me and to us all.
It was a period of changes, successes and some bad lucks but we endured and we’re still here.
Our new game Space Max, is right behind the corner. Max is an adorable and somewhat mischievous monkey who is going to make a long journey in space to reach a distant planet where he will acquire a special superpower that will help him return home! But I won't go any further with the spoilers. I hope that anyone who will have the opportunity to play Space Max, will enjoy themselves in surpassing the records of friends and collecting the gears to get the most unlikely space suits;)
We ended up the main development and we entered the beta test to polish the game even more. We’re listening the feedback of everybody who decided to join the testing phase (talking about it, if you would help us to improve the game or just send some of your impressions please write at spacemax@crysoftdev.com).
Thanks to some “unexpected encounters” along the road, the launch has been delayed to May 10th 2017. This unexpected encounter was the meeting with the guys of redBit gamesa renowed games publisher from Rome (Italy), which really enjoyed Space Max and then decided to publish it.
So we're almost there, I'm a bit nervous as I always am when a project I've working on is about to be released.
I hope you guys will enjoy the Game, meanwhile I'll post some of the comix I made for advertising and for social media activities!
Until then...

So long... And thanks for all the Bananas!

Frandalì Out =)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DevDiary – September 2016 Space Max and surroundings

12 settembre 2016 source: crysoftdev blog

Space Max is on the go!

Space Max...GO!
Space Max…GO!
Alessandro here. Summer passed (in Italy at least!) and so it went the hot temperatures, the infinite sweats and that Pokémon Go craziness which hit the world in its best moment to go outdoor. This wouldn’t be a complaint about the game which literally kidnapped the scene to anything else, it gained its success. It deserved it. This is just an observation.
Yeah, be an indie developer it also means this: learn to recognize the movements of the market, understand other developers’ choices and finally choose the perfect timing to act fielding the result of his own laborsThis is an amateur, but useful, advice: don’t be too eager to throw your game out! You could have the best game in the videoludic’s history but if you release the game in the wrong moment all of your efforts will be wasted because your potential customers’ attention is elsewhere.
So we have patiently waited, debugging, improving and upgrading our game to make it better than ever.
Space Max game design

Finally we have planned the best moment to release our next game Space Max. The”right time” is this autumn and it will arrive on all of your iOS and Android devices. We have much boiling in our caldron, as much is the work to do yet. Despite Space Max will be a classic endless jumper, our ideas about it doesn’t, so nothing of literally classic will be included in the game, just the genre. Enjoy this little display of art and concept design!

This is just a little sneak peek of the maniacal work of our art director (ndr. dictator) Francesca Velenosi, but it is enough to understand the style and the attention to details we have used to Space Max. If you are eager for more updates until Space Max release follow Max’s stories on his official Twitter account for live news.
The other big news is that we took onboard an incredible skilled 3D Artist to raise the bar of our productions, because meanwhile we’re on the run to finish Space Max but we just started brainstorming of our next game and this one needed a graphical supercharge!

DevDiary – September 2016 Space Max and surroundings 

What can you expect do you say? My mouth is well shut, but i can throw at you few hints: this game will based on an old glory from the past, the gameplay will be fast and furious (it’s not a word game!), the game will include two multiplayer models. We want all of these features to be crazy impressive into our next game, so we chased this unlucky friend of us (:D i can be a very annoying person) until he has surrendered and he accepted to help us into this new adventure. Follow us on our official Twitter account into next months to know more!
Last but not least, mind this statement: “Soon we will give you the war that you always desired … “ so stay tuned.

Space Max - In Space You Are Not Alone
Alessandro out.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Max conqueror of Cowa-426 wallpaper

A little gift for all my friends, I've make this wallpaper because I love this version of our Max, so cute and sweet

Max conqueror of Cowa-426 wallpaper

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Space Max - Game in progress

::INCOMING TRANSMISSION:: Emergency landing, repeat, emergency landing!

---Position: Unknown.
---Date: Unknown.
---ExtractionPod: Gone 
---Fuel: Just working on that... 

*clears his throat*
"Now that the flag is planted, I officially declare this planet colonized by the Traveler Monkeys!... 
Well, now how do I get home?

Space Max - Game in progress

Thursday, May 05, 2016

MatchYS on the Stores!

Find, match and play with your toys

Help Pauly to get rid the mess of his room before his mother Loretta comes home, but be careful because she will not be the least of his problems! You will have to sharpen your eyesight, be fast and prompt in this fast-paced puzzle game.
Pauly’s mom, Loretta, wants everything to be clean and tidy, before she gets back from shopping, so she entrusted his son the task of keeping in place the toys.

Easier said than done!

Will be Pauly able to put everything in order before his mother returns? 

MatchYS on the Stores!

Download                       Download                        Download                     Download